ID2050/5150 — Documentation & Representation

Much of the beauty that arises in art comes from the struggle an artist wages
with his limited medium.
— Henri Matisse
student work.jpg

Fall 2013
co-taught with Erin Miller

Through a series of projects including drawing and model making, students will gain valuable skills in documenting visual culture, developing tools for representing design concepts. This studio course provides an in-depth study of the conventions of plan, section, and elevation as they relate to visual experience. Problems expand the students’ ability to translate between two-dimensional exercises and three-dimensional visual experience. 

Students will move through the process of programming, designing, and visually representing a multi-level abstract inhabitable space. Patterns are used for project inspiration, and generative terms as catalysts for the development of space and form. Students move through the process of conception by using model-making, diagramming, and architectural drawing in iterative and exploratory ways. The project goal is exploring, assessing, and determining successful and best methods of visual representation of the abstract design.