ID2050/5150 — Documentation & Representation

You cannot not communicate.
— Paul Watzlawick
Type analysis diagrams — Olga Krylova

Type analysis diagrams — Olga Krylova

Spring 2014

This prerequisite studio course provides an in-depth study of the conventions of plan, section, and elevation as they relate to visual experience. Through a series of projects including drawing and model making, students gain valuable skills in documenting visual culture and developing tools for representing design concepts.

Abstract yet familiar, typography is an excellent starting point for investigations of figure/ground, proximity, hierarchy, and other 2D design principles. Established anatomic parameters provide a strong basis for formal analysis and allow for comparison among typefaces, while subtle differences in form and expression train the eye to see. The ubiquity of type affords ample opportunity for connotative analysis as well. Students were challenged to analyze the formal and cultural qualities of an assigned typeface and to develop an architectural translation based on their findings.